Sunday, March 21, 2010

The land of editing hell

After the first round of rejections, we are working on making our query stand out. I (Natalie) have read tons of blogs and forums on the horror that is writing a query. Had I known when I started writing my book that getting published was so hard, I probably would have started on the query first! Next time, I'm going to write the query, and base the novel on that.

We are also editing our novel again. Our word count was too high, according to the internet, so we are cutting and cutting as much as we think we can in order to get the word count down. I've also pondered getting rid of the prologue, but I don't know yet. I'm going to have to discuss it with Rick and see what he thinks.

I have a friend that is reading and giving me advice and editing tips, which has helped a LOT. There is no substitute for a fresh pair of eyes.

So, back to the grindstone for us. Hopefully our manuscript and query will be shining like polished gold soon.

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